This is how I became a lifecoach

Seven years ago I signed up my first client for personal training. I didn't know it then but that was when my career as a life coach began.

At the time, I was extremely nervous and worried that maybe I wasn’t quite ready or know enough to help her lose weight and get fit. After all, there were many coaches out there with far more experience than me, who looked fitter than me and had numerous of glowing testimonials from previous clients - how could I possibly compete with that?

But quite early on, I recognised that I had a distinct advantage with my clients: I could relate to them.

You see, already back then, I set out to help Muslim women strengthen their mental and physical health through fitness and diet - something that very few people (at that time at least) were doing. Not only did it make me stand out from the crowd, it also gave me the advantage of speaking with these women from a place of personal experience and understanding when it came to their private lives and cultural and religious obligations and restrictions.

This meant that from the moment I started working with my first client (and every single one of them ever since), the experience became far greater than just physical wellness - I was their confidant, their safe space, their moment to vent, let out frustrations and share wins with; I was the person they’d find remembrance in their own greatness from and the one who’d help them navigate personal traumas and private dilemmas. All their emotions were in a safe, confidential and judgementfree zone.  

I was the person who’d push them not just physically but mentally as well.

And what I much later learned was, that what I was doing, was life coaching disguised as personal training.
All my clients saw wonderful physical results but their biggest transformations happened in their minds, their self worth and their abilities to push back when it felt like life was trying to knock them down. Alhamd’Allah!  

It took a while before I even dared amuse the thought of making the switch once and for all to life coaching. Even though I’d practically been doing it every day for six years.

I eventually took the leap of faith and closed down the business I’d spent all those years building and caring for in London. It wasn’t easy - my mind was riddled with fear and hesitations. But I pushed through it and when I revealed the direction of my pivot in business publicly; was overwhelmed by the positive response and outreach by women from around the world who wanted to work with me.

But don’t take my word for it - here are some of the things that some of my previous clients have had to say about working with me:

“Zahra is such an amazing and beautiful soul. She is the best kind of coach - she supports you to grow and truly invests in you.”

“Zahra is intuitive and listens. She understood and encouraged me. Zahra has put me firmly on the road to realising my aspirations. She’s professional, warm and friendly, cheerful and so positive in every way.”

“I am very grateful to Zahra for her uniquely attentive, skilful and enthusiastic guidance. I really appreciated her non-judgemental, patient and always positive attitude to my various attempts and struggles on the way to improvement.”

“Zahra is very knowledgeable in her field and happy to share her knowledge with clients to ensure their maximum success. Working with her felt like working with a good friend.”

“Zahra is so passionate about her clients, highly skilled in her field and so much fun to work with.”

Live in Love