How I improved my manifesting abilities

I, like many people before me, have heard about the law of attraction several years ago - most notably when the movie 'the secret' was released and had everyone intrigued by how our thoughts can create our reality. But it took me years to understand what it actually meant and how to use it. Here's how I improved my abilities and continue to strengthen them every day.

I found the link back to Islam

The biggest factor for me to be able to use the law of attraction and start manifesting consciously was when I found the link back to Islam.

The biggest obstacle initially for me was trying to align a lot of this new information with what I already knew to be true. As I took the time to learn more about manifesting, while also delving further into my spirituality and religiosity, I learned that the two things were heavily intertwined. In other words, the law of attraction is just another tool that Allah has made available to us, so we can create our realities more consciously while reminding us to be more aware of our intentions, energies and thoughts.

Once I was able to understand that the teachings of the law of attraction were basically the same as the teachings of Islam, I was able to release all of my concerns and disbelief around it and start to practice it with more certainty.

I'm not creating something from nothing

A big hesitation for me when it came to the law of attraction was this idea that I could create something from nothing. Not only did it go against my belief, since Allah is the only Creator in the universe, but it also didn't make sense to me - even from my most woo woo, hippie dippie perspective.

So a big game changer for me was understanding that I was in fact never creating something from nothing - rather, I was creating within the realm of possibilities that Allah has made available to me.

If something hasn't been written for me as a possibility in this life, I will never be able to call it in, no matter how hard I try. Once I learned that Allah has given us the options of several roads to travel within this life and that it is up to me to decide which road I travel by, there was a clearer understanding of where I was manifesting from.

This also made me understand the importance of not just trying to manifest anything into my life, but to manifest with more awareness and with clear intentions.

What I dream of, Allah is willing to give me if I show up for it

In practice, this might have been the biggest thing that got the ball rolling for me. Because manifesting is not just about thinking about what you want, it's also about taking action that supports the thought.

I fully believe that our intuitive, soul-led desires are safe guidance from Allah. I believe them to be a way for Allah to communicate blessed directions to us in this life so we can choose them and ultimately choose Him, without it conflicting with our free will.

And since Allah has given my desires to me, He is also willing to make them my reality. But only if I show up for it as well.

Operating from a place of knowing that all those desires are available to me, makes me show up for them with more certainty, confidence and with more faith. Which in turn translates to, quicker manifesting.

I'm interested to hear from you if any of these points has shifted something for you or helped make something clearer. Send me a DM over on my Instagram and let me know! 

Live in Love