How your thoughts create your reality


The way that you think is the catalyst for the way that you feel - the way that you feel is a catalyst for how you behave - how you behave, creates a specific outcome. And that's the reality that you live in.

When I was a personal trainer in London, I saw this all the time.

When someone would come in to the first consultation, I would know whether or not they'd be successful at this journey with me within their health, their weight loss, and so on.

And that was because of the words that they'd speak to me. Some women would come in and immediately show excitement for the new beginning of seeing a personal trainer and the results they'd get.

And opposite them were the ones who immediately upon entering would start making excuses for why they wouldn't succeed and feared the first hurdle whatever it may have been.

Regardless of which woman you'd follow through her journey, each of them created their own reality based on what they thought and believed about themselves. Basically, the first woman would have the success she desired and the second wouldn't because their feelings created behaviours that would back up the initial thought.

The moment you put a label upon yourself and you start believing it, your brain will go out and find evidence that backs it up. It will actively go out into the world and filter all the information, all the experiences, all your friendships, everything that you're seeing, and it will filter it in such a way that will make you believe that what you're thinking is the ultimate truth.

It will also remove any thoughts or ideas or pieces of information that challenges your thoughts to make you feel secure in your beliefs.

Here's another example where your thoughts create your reality.

There are two people in a car crash. So both of them have the exact same experience.

The first person gets out of the car and starts cursing this accident. They're going to be late for work now. The insurance costs are going to rise. Now they have to find money to fix the car.

The second person who's gone through the exact same experience gets out of the car. And the first thing they say is, oh, thank God. I'm alive.

So it's the exact same experience, but one of them chooses to look at it from a perspective where everything bad happens to them and the other sees all the good that happens for them.

This is where, when I say what, the more aware you're becoming of how your thoughts create your reality, the more you can actually go in and change it so that it benefits you rather than hinders you from living and will grant grateful, life, happier, life love, field, life, so on and so forth.


Challenge your conclusions about yourself.

Whatever you might think about yourself that is in any way holding you back or not benefitting you, disprove it. Find all the reasons why that thought isn't true and keep reminding yourself of that.

Some thoughts are harder to re-programme and others are easier so don't give up hope if you have to do it more than once.

Live in Love