Introducing a new way to manifest

Want to learn an easy way to manifest the things you want into your life faster?


It sounds ridiculous, I know, but hear me out because this might be the most entertaining way to manifest your dreams, that doesn't solely depend on your ability to think or visualise.

All you have to do, is figure out who or what you want to be and then act as though you're already that person.

Do what that person would do. Speak as that person would speak. Dress as that person would dress and so on.

It is the absolute easiest way to start attracting the thing you wish for the most, since we already know that in the law of attraction, LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE - meaning you attract what you are, not what you want.

So BEING or ACTING as though you already are or have the things you desire, generates the traction for those desires to rush to you, much quicker! 

I have a challenge for you...

I want you to create a role... Create a role around the whole person that you want to be...

Then, act as though you're already HER.

Do it for 30 days and then see how much actually started manifesting around you.

Here are some questions to answer that can help you build this role:

  • How does this person dress?
  • Does this person have a morning/evening routine and if 'yes', what is it?
  • What does this person eat?
  • How does this person speak?
  • Does this person act a specific way around certain people?
  • How does this person work? Creatively and professionally?
  • What's this persons mission/vision/goals?
  • What does 'self care' look like to this person?

Basically, be as specific around who this person is, with regards to anything that matters to BEING this person every day for a month.

Feel free to link up with me over on my IG and let me know how it went! 

Live in Love