Is manifesting haram?

The short and easy answer to this is NO. The law of attraction or manifesting is not haram.


It is important to understand it within the frames of Islam and practice it with this in mind in order not to accidentally commit shirk.

So let's start from the beginning; the law of attraction, like all other universal laws was created by God Almighty.

The laws include but are not limited to the law of oneness, vibrations, polarity, gender and so on. All of these laws are spiritual gateways for us to connect back to God and live life from soul rather than ego.

Most likely, you will have been introduced to the law of attraction and manifesting through a non-Muslim practitioner. Not that this is a problem at all but it does present a couple of issues that we need to address.

The first thing is that it is not the universe that is giving us the blessings we ask for, it is God. This is important to keep in mind as we don't want to idolise the universe as being an entity capable of creating something for us out of nothing. So when you see or read content from a non-Muslim manifesting coach where they keep giving praise to the universe or thanking the universe for their blessings, make a mental note to replace the word with God. It's a small but effective detail when we want to use the law of attraction as Muslims.

Another thing we need to address is when coaches and gurus talk about you being the 'creator' and that you are able to create anything you want. Again, it is important for us to remember that Allah is the Creator for all of our blessings - we can help  introduce said blessing faster into our lives through our mindset and consciously asking for them but ultimately, only Allah can permit for us to have them.

And as far as us being able to create anything we want, it is worth noting that you are never creating something out of nothing. In fact, you are always only manifesting within the reality and realm of possibilities that have been made available to you in this dunya by God.

The law of attraction is not haram. In fact it can be a tool which can be used to connect deeper to our own spiritual connection with God. And when used correctly, the law of attraction can remind you to connect this physical world with the spiritual one and help you take intuitive action on the things that will reap the most benefits to you rather than the ego driven desires we all have.

Live in Love