One problem everyone has with manifesting and how to overcome it

Of course there are many things that can become problematic when you practice the law of attraction. But today, I want to focus on one of the big ones that I encounter the most through my coaching and help you recognise and overcome it:


This is something I think even the most seasoned manifesting queen will encounter from time to time and is therefore not necessarily reserved only for beginners.

Patience is a skill that we all need to practice regularly otherwise we lose it. And as ridiculous as it may sound, sometimes we even need to learn to have patience with the Almighty after we ask for the things we'd like to manifest. We know that He has the power to give us everything we want and so much more, simply by saying that it is; and so for us not to have it in the instance that we ask, can sometimes make us feel impatient.

It is important for us to remind ourselves that His timing is never wrong. When you're trying to manifest something and it isn't showing up yet, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's not meant for you or that you'll never get it. It simply means that the timing is not right yet. And for all you know, by being patient with the timing of our Creator, you then reap even bigger benefits, when the things you manifested comes in to your life.

Furthermore, when we receive what we asked for but it didn't arrive in the gold foil wrappings that we expected, we may also start feeling impatient with the law of attraction. Why didn't I manifest it within a specific time? Why does the manifestation look different to what I imagined? It's what I asked for but it comes with a set of conditions that I didn't want...

All of these thoughts can make us feel like the law of attraction isn't working for us and therefore become impatient with it, when in fact, it's doing exactly what you asked for.

Remember, God is the best planner of all which means that even when we don't know it or can't see it, that gold foil wrapping that we expected our manifestations to come in, was never going to be good for us or helpful to our overall mission/vision. When our manifestations look different than what we expected, it doesn't mean that it's not working or that you're doing something wrong - it means that Allah SWT will give it to you in a way that best serves you! ...even if you can't see how yet...

We can learn to overcome this impatience, of course by reminding ourselves to be more patient, but perhaps more importantly; by leaning in more to the act of having faith - and learn to let go of our own expectations to the how and when of our manifestations.

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Live in Love