Why you shouldn't focus so much on GROWTH

Today's message is actually very simple to understand and yet difficult to implement for many of us - which is why it makes for such a good reminder from time to time:⁠

You don't have to keep growing every day. ⁠

⁠It is safe for you to enjoy exactly where you are in this moment. It is safe for you to say; 'this is enough for now.' It is safe for you to stop the grind. ⁠

Don't get me wrong; there's nothing bad about seeking growth - personally/financially/professionally/intellectually/etc. - on most days, I'd encourage it. But other times it's also important for us to accept and forgive momentary plateaus and pauses. To sit comfortably in the stillness that surrounds the exact moment that you may find yourself in. ⁠

I guess, with most of our lives now being lead online to a large degree, it is far easier to assume that you are the last person on earth who is struggling or still trying to be 'accomplished' or 'successful'; and this idea breeds the mindset that you can never allow yourself to not advance. There's a sense of accountability to the lurking eyes and potential likes; as if you have something to prove and if you can't, then you've failed. ⁠

But my darling, you have absolutely nothing to prove to anyone. ⁠

Take a break. Enjoy how far you've already come. Indulge in a deserved rest before you pursue more growth. Take the time needed to recognise how immensely abundant and blessed your life already is. ⁠

And I guess more important; take time to make sure that the growth you're seeking is actually something you want and not just something you believe that others expect of you - especially the anonymous likes/followers/comments we attach ourselves to online. ⁠

Live in Love